d day today, and love is in the air. the air also contains cumulus cloud and potential increment weather. but nothing can bring us down.

this is me
here i am.

living large
in my dear cham.

i climbed another
mountain top

all the way,
did not stop.

this time with
just my bare hands.

a joy to be
in foreign lands.

today i climbed an alpine mountain
and saw the mer de glace.

i felt like a real explorer
on a rocky mountain pass.

i climbed the mountain with dear friends,
like me, explorers bold.

(by the way the youngest climber
was only nine months old.)

he was carried on the backs
of stronger men then i.

as i was puffing and panting
and felt that i might die.

but despite all that i made the top,
and was clearly as proud as punch.

and would you believe that these great feats
were all done before lunch.


 let me try and paint this picture.

im  sitting next to a window looking up to my right, the base of the alps is two hundred metres away. the entire window frame is taken up by mountains. the peaks have disappeared into their altitude and all i can see is the khaki pattern of the alpine conifers reaching up into nothingness. the mountains seem to fade to white, getting lost somewhere in the ether. snow is falling. floating is probably a more accurate word. not yet heavy enough to blanket the ground but beautiful enough to hold my attention. the whole scene is a fairy tale, something out of my dreams. the picture is perfect. im not sure if i have woken up. 

currently in abu dhabi, which is strange as i thought i was going to dubai. the flight was just like all the others. oh except for the old man who had a heart attack. somehow i became involved and i ended up spending  large period of time holding hands with his elderly wife and giving her acupressure. im not sure why she chose me out of the three hundred other people on the flight. but im glad she did. the old man survived thanks to a doctor and an irish nurse who was sitting next to me. on a side note, yesterday i met two people with green eyes. the irish nurse was one of them. i hope this next flight is less eventful.

you may say i'm a dreamer,
but i'm not the only one..

if i could be a video, id be this one.

i dreamed you up,
as you have dreamed me.

i am no longer an 'i',
but now a 'we'.

dear julian, we could not agree more. with love, every human being ever.

no words necessary

universal power is immense. and when all the small pieces align, when every cog is turning with unaffected synchronicity, great things can occur. yesterday i experienced this completely. i was left a spiral of light, closely resembling the milky way itself.
i feel that yay-saying is more fun then nay-saying

The chewing gum and helium experiment by
this rules

this rules also

one hundred year old art.

concentric squares and circles. wassily kandinksy

vilabertrin. salvador dali

self portrait with seven fingers. marc chagall

 head, ceret. picasso

le rifain assis. henri matisse

i have noticed that the time between asking for something, and having it manifest in my life is decreasing rapidly. almost alarmingly. at times it can be a little unsettling. having a direct contact with the true power of the universe. seek and ye shall find, ask and ye shall receive. there is absolute truth in that. i imagine, at some point, the interval of time will evaporate entirely.

sorry andy,

the idea of thinking of something
and having it in your life instantly is far
more exciting to me.

they say that it takes forty or so days for the soul to reincarnate. i say this is the height of human arrogance. to think that the soul, an unlimited being as expansive and complex as the entire universe, indeed the universe itself, adheres to earth time. what about the multitude of other planets revolving around their sun? they mean nothing to the soul? no, a very human thought indeed. the soul is not bound by time. only we are. it may take as long as it likes. in truth there is no way of knowing. is it something we need to know anyway? im not so sure. it seems to me that the soul would take as long a holiday from its flesh bound prison as it desires. it could seem like millennia to the human, or milliseconds, its irrelevant. to the soul the transition would be seamless. not bound by how many revolutions our planet makes around our sun at all.

this song is today.

Lest We Forget
that we are still sending
our young to kill and be killed.

it seems to me
that in 100 years
we have learnt nothing.
i was here today, sort of.

my new hero

i am not happy,

i am happiness.

today it is songs i like at the moment.

the future

the future is predictable as far as it is create-able.
i create my future.
therefore i can predict it.


hello world.

here is where i might discuss my comings and goings.

to begin with, some things that i like: