they say that it takes forty or so days for the soul to reincarnate. i say this is the height of human arrogance. to think that the soul, an unlimited being as expansive and complex as the entire universe, indeed the universe itself, adheres to earth time. what about the multitude of other planets revolving around their sun? they mean nothing to the soul? no, a very human thought indeed. the soul is not bound by time. only we are. it may take as long as it likes. in truth there is no way of knowing. is it something we need to know anyway? im not so sure. it seems to me that the soul would take as long a holiday from its flesh bound prison as it desires. it could seem like millennia to the human, or milliseconds, its irrelevant. to the soul the transition would be seamless. not bound by how many revolutions our planet makes around our sun at all.

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