another excerpt from my notes on choreography.

"what is the point of trying to apply literal meaning or even understanding to abstract movement. that would be like saying the 58th curve from the bottom left on pollock's blue poles is directly related to the feeling he got whenever he ran out of cigarettes, and the 59th is about the time he bought new socks but lost them before he could wear them. it seems ridiculous. and it is. if choreographically i move my arms upwards, what does that mean? nothing. cultural conditioning gives it the sense that i am reaching towards a higher power (which is the most obvious explanation for such movements). but that is only your brain telling you that. my higher power might be below me, or sitting at the back of the theatre or completely non-existent. but if i continually raise my arms, and more importantly raise my eyes, it seems as if i am looking to god."

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