not so long ago

not so long ago i felt my quest to be the discovering of true beauty. well, i can now rest easy as i have found it. it exists everywhere. simple. i found it in the smile of stranger, the confusion of being lost, the comforting words of a well wishing friend, i found it in free creative expression, i found it in sharing food with friends and strangers, i found it in not knowing where to find it, i found it in thinking of where to look for it..
like i said, everywhere.
without fail, everywhere.
beauty, in fact, is the only thing that exists.

it was dear mystery that helped me find it. beautiful, elusive mystery. constantly reminding me to open my eyes. to smile at the world, so the world will smile back.

there is nothing more perfect then knowing smile of mystery.

maybe only beauty's soft kiss, but beauty is mystery,

so there is nothing more perfect then mystery's soft kiss followed
by the knowing smile followed by the only words that should ever exist. 

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